Our fees only accrue when we achieve tax optimization for our customers, following favorable resolutions by the Administration:

Future savings: reduction of the tax bill in the future.

Retroactive savings: compensation or refunds for undue previous payment, including interest on arrears.

In Impuestalia we carry out an Initial Study of the Cadastral Values and the Taxes that customers entrust us after signing the Order Sheet.

We present a report of the reasonability of the Cadastral Values and Taxes entrusted, and in case of finding discrepancies, we present a Proposal for Fiscal Optimization.

Once the Proposal has been accepted, we take care of all the necessary Technical and Legal formalities, including the request for the refund of undue income.

Our fee us only applied if we achive Savings for you.

We claim 1 out of every 3 files studied We find discrepancies with the reality of the property and file a complaint in 1 out of every 3 cadastral cases studied by our technicians.

We’re successful: 95% of our claims are successful and we achieve 140% of the initially intended savings. We use positive resolutions as a success base for other customers and in other territories.

20% average reduction in IBI taxes and 27.28% including retroactive savings.


More than €200M reductions in Cadastral Values in more than 40,000 Cadastral References studied.

Properties of all types hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, sports centres, car parks, industries, golf courses, camp sites …