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About us

Impuestalia is a company dedicated since 2011 to the revision of the cadastral values of real estate and tax optimization of taxes that take that value as a basis.

We have our own team of lawyers and specialist cadastral technicians. We have national coverage, with a network of more than 200 technicians and offices in Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Barcelona.

We operate on a SUCCESS-FEE basis.

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Revision of cadastral values

The Cadastral Value is the base on which the criteria contained in the fiscal ordinances of each municipality are applied to calculate the IBI (Real Estate Tax) quota and to calculate other taxes. In addition, the calculation of the cadastral value is influenced by many factors and regulations and, in the event of finding discrepancies in the cadastral value and correcting them, significant tax savings are achieved.

Our team of lawyers and technical specialists covers all the technical and legal steps necessary to achieve savings, including requesting the return of undue income, and this without our customers having to assume ANY initial cost, thanks to our Success Fee.

Taxes based on Cadastral Value:

All types of properties: hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, sports centres, industries, golf courses, camping sites… among others.

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